Our Network

We operate our own Network under AS136620.

Our Network

London, United Kingdom

We are located in Telehouse North 2 DC in London. Our premium network blend currently consists of Telia, Level 3, GTT, NTT & Cogent. We are also peered with large numbers of ISP and Content Providers on LINX LON1 & LON2. Looking Glass

Los Angeles, USA

Located in QuadraNet's latest Data Centre in Los Angeles. With ISP blends consisting Zayo, Telia, Cogent, PCCW, GTT & many more. Our Los Angeles network provides the best latency to Asia from USA. Looking Glass

Amsterdam, NL

Based in Equinix Amsterdam Schepenbergweg (AM5) with transit from NTT, Cogent, GTT & hundreds of peers over AMS-IX. Our Amsterdam location provides excellent latency & performance for Europe.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned!

We are constantly expanding into new locations. If you have any suggestions for new locations, send us an email!